Wednesday, February 02, 2005

bluest eyes questions

1. What do the "blue eyes" symbolize? the blue eyes repesent beauty, cofidence for pecola, and white people.

2. With current technology, anyone could have blue eyes with the help of contact lenses. Is the desire to have blue eyes the same as Pecola's? Why or why not?
Yes, because pecola wanted blues eyes so she could fill good about herself and if you get blue eyes by using contact lenses you would be like pecola, meaning that you both are desiring to be somebody you are not.
3. What role does Soaphead Church play in this novel? Why is his character important?The soaphead church plays a fortuneteller. his character is so important because he gave pecola her blue eyes that she always wanted.

4. In many ways, this novel is about loss. Give as many examples of loss as possible. Pecola lost her baby, her innocence, her father, and cholly lost his aunt jimmy

5. Why do you suppose that Cholly tried to burn the house down with his family in it? Cholly tried to burn down the house with his family still in it because he was trying to burn his past and start fresh or he was just plain out crazy.

6. The novel offers hope. Find evidence and support it. Freida and Claudia tried to help pecola keep her baby by planting a marigold seed with two dollars.

7. What do the seeds represent?
The seeds repersent life, Pecola's baby, and Cholly.
8. In the end, when Pecola has the dialogue with her imaginary friend, how does the blue eyes comfort her? The blue eyes comfort her because her and her imaginary friend were talking about how her father raped her and pecola started getting mad and then her "friend" changed the subject to her eyes and pecola started getting excited about her eyes.

9. How was Pecola like holy water for the whole town?
Pecola was like holy water for the whole town because holy water purifies you and pecola purified the whole town. i'm guessing she purified the town because the town had something to talk about her and they could see how different she was from everybody else. They saw her different from everybody else, she was ugly, she was raped by her father at 11 years old and became pregnant by her father, and her baby died after it was born.


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