Tuesday, January 11, 2005

critique of bluest eye

i find the book very interesting from the first page. when i read the title i thought it was going to be boring, but it turned out to be really good. i think it may be a book i would get for myself. it's very dramatic and i think they should make a movie out of this because this as a movie could be sold for millions and i think everybody would enjoy this book just as much as i do.

Friday, January 07, 2005

letter to mc

dear mc,

my name is ac. my favorite type of music is hiphop and r&b. i do both hip hop and ballet dance on saturdays for rehearsal, and then dance at my church on sundays. my nickname for my family is nicole or they just call me ac. i'm 14 yrs old and my birthdate is anonymous.
my strengths in english is vocabulary or vocabulary work. my weakness in english is writing good research because i can't seem to get my punctuation and grammar together. vocabulary is my strongest because i pass most of my test, but that's only if i study hard enough. research papers and me do not cooperate because i get a boring topic and i don't really know how to use my grammar correctly. i just need to work harder on my research papers.
my favorite things about english is when we get to write stories and read different books. my least favorite things about english is research papers and vocabulary words. i really enjoy writing stories because i can use my imagination and write good, dramatic stories about different characters. i find vocabulary words very boring, but i could use them in the future when i'm talking to someone. research papers are not my friend and i will never like them, but i would like to learn how to make a proper research paper.
a good student is someone who comes in the classroom willing to learn. someone who listens in class, respects his/her teacher, and never has attitude. they always turn in thier work on time, gets along with the other students. always makes an effort to try their best and never gives up. always come in with a smile on their face.
a good teacher is someone who comes in the class with a smile on their face. they come in to work and not to just be there to get paid. has a good attitude towards the students and respects everyone. loves to teach and have fun at the sametime. a good teacher shoyld never judge their students.