Thursday, October 21, 2004

what can people or maybe parents do to prevent their daughters from getting pregnant?

if parents don't pressure their daughters so much about them having sex at a young age and about them being pregnant then maybe that would help young teenage girls from getting pregnant so young because if you keep pressuring them over and over again then maybe they just might have sex and get theirselves pregnant, but for some other pregnancys they might get rapped or pressured into it but all i can say is that don't pressure your daughters so much or they might just go and get theirselves pregnant.

Friday, October 15, 2004

teen pregnancy

i wanted to do teen pregnancy because it's the most common pregnancy in our society. young teenagers are getting there self pregnant by letting guys get to them and convincing them to have babies, but when the young girls get pregnant the father runs off like a little punk and not want to take care of their responsibilities. i was watching the talk show maury and he was doing a segment about young teenage girls wanting to have babies. i mean the girls were doing everything that's possible to get theirselves pregnant. then a young 15 yr. old girl came on the show and she end up having sex at a young age and having a young babyboy,her baby daddy didn't want to take care of the baby because he said it wasn't his and he was calling her all sort of names and disrespecting her on national tv, well it turned out he was the father, but he still didn't want to take care of the baby. so what i'm saying is don't get yourself caught up in all this drama and enjoy life because you will only be a teenager once.